GenPV 100

GenPV is a modular retractable PV solution, based on a single solar module integrated with GenIOL 4S2P HL Battery Pack, which allows an off-grid energy generation, with a zero environmental impact. Several modules can be integrated into a retractable PV array, in order to obtain the desired power.  

The module is based on high efficient SunPower solar cells, embedded in flexible and walkable transparent sheets. 

The whole system is provided into a wearable back-pack case.


Main Features of GenPV 100 solar module:

  • Lightweight flexible solar module 90Wp for remote off-grid electric energy generation.
  • Extended power with GenIOL 4S2P HL Battery Pack 100 Wh.
  • Two PV retractable, flexible and walkable PV array.
  • Zero environmental impact.
  • Efficiency: 22.5%.
  • Dimensions: 1230 x 536 mm.
  • Weight: 3,0 kg.
  • Peak power: 100 W.
  • Output voltage: 12 Vdc.