GENPORT's primary objective is to obtain maximum customer satisfaction providing a highly innovative service and product technology able to meet the requirements at the lowest possible cost, with minimum environmental impact and maximum safety during the process of their production and use. At the same time, GENPORT aims to consolidate and improve its position of market, to carry out industrial research activities in close collaboration with European research institutions with an effective approach that ensures the most sustainable economic solidity.

High quality standard of our offer:

  • is satisfied when each product is conceived, designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with functional, safety, economic and environmental impact objectives as well as with the rules and laws governing its production and use.
  • is pursued with a dynamic organizational system, characterized by well-defined but not formalized roles, suitable for establishing a fruitful collaborative climate between highly qualified professionals.
  • must meet customer expectations, safety, environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle. 

The company's commitment to the goal of quality is pursued:

  • having as priority the needs of the customer, the safety and environmental impact of the product and in the offer, clearly translating these needs into written requirements,
  • during the contract, working to comply with these requirements,
  • taking the utmost account of any customer complaints,
  • engaging in the search for radically innovative solutions and careful management of intellectual property,
  • directing efforts to continuously satisfy financial needs to ensure the sustainability of the corporate mission.