FED4SAE is an innovation action to boost and sustain the digitization of the European industry by strengthening competitiveness in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and embedded system markets.

The main objective of Genport’s project HYPEMLIFE in FED4SAE is to embed Electrochemical Models based into Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems to provide Smart Diagnostics Capabilities. These advance features combined with Model Predictive Controls and Optimization Algorithms, will extend lifetime of hybrid power sources operating in micro-grids beyond the state of art. These advance control strategies will be embedded into STM micro-controller platforms. Tests will be conducted within Fraunhofer IISB Energy Electronic Testbed.

The expected potential impact for the industry is very important. The unique combination of our power electronic technologies, “swarming” PEMFC with high energy density ion-lithium ES and the novel HYPEMLIFE upper optimization control socket embedded in the STM platform, will enable the EU industry to gain a further competitive advantage.

HYPEMLIFE will contribute to foster the technology leadership of the EU industry and consequently to create new highly qualified jobs in the emerging energy electronics fields.