About Us

GENPORT is the Italian progressive spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, developer and manufacturer of an advanced, lightweight technology for portable and stationary power generation and storage in medical, defense, emergency, telecommunication and industrial applications.




GENPORT combines Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) and Ion Lithium technologies, in order to provide advance power solution to any off-grid external equipment up to 1000 Watt, with superior performance, reliability and satisfy such requirements as long life, design flexibility, high energy density, compact configuration, high cycling, high rate discharge, reducing to zero both noise and emissions and operating in extreme environmental conditions.


GENPORT brings the strong expertise and mutual beneficial partnerships of an accademic and Industrial value chain.





The team of GENPORT has a long-term experience in the field of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies from research to the industrial solution.   

A strong international scientific activity is resulted in more then 100 scientific publications and 8 patents; 18 years in international and national programs focused on breakthrough technologies and methodologies for improving durability, performance and future mass production of portable fuel cells generators, brings Genport be a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced, lightweight hybrid electric power generators, battery energy storage systems in medical, defence, emergency, telecommunication and industrial applications. 

These are our major milestones are the following.
1996     Ceramic materials technologies for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC).

            YSZ and alumina–based composites.
            Simulation and prediction of the ionic conductors.
            Synthesis of Sr,Mg-doped lanthanum gallates.
            Composites materials for cathode (LSGM – LSM).
            Characterization and modeling of materials for Polymer Fuel Cells (PEM).
            Synthesis and electrical, physico-chemical characterization of Polymeric Membranes.
 2000    Polymeric materials technologies for Proton Exchange Fuel Cells (PEMFC).
 2003    Production of first prototype of gas-diffusion-layers carbon cloth.
 2004    Innovative plasma based surface engineering for GDL (Patent: PCT/IT2005/200297).
 2005    Development of Catalyst Coated Membrane and Micro Porous Layer.
 2007    Integration of 5-MEA proprietary confi guration into 500 W stacks series.
 2009    Foundation of Genport Srl in Vimercate (Italy)
 2010    Release of the first generation of GENPORT 300 Hybrid Fuel Cell (4 patents).
 2011    Development of the first generation of GENPORT 300 Hybrid PEM Solar (2 patents).
            Release of the GenIOL Ion Lithium Battery Packs.

2012    GENPORT 300 Hybrid Fuel Cell  CE marked.
            Foundation of Genport North America Corp. 

2013    Starting production series.     

2014    ISO 9001 certification.

2015     Release of GENIOL  - Battery Energy Storage Series  (1,7kW/3,1kWh - 7kW/12,4kWh)

2016      GENIOL  - Battery Energy Storage Series CE marked.

2017      Release of G- HPS  Hybrid Fuel Cell System - 7 kW.

2018      Development of  G-HPS - Fuel Cell System 100kW; Development of optimal controls and model predictive controls for ESS.

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