GenHARV is an complex hybrid energy system which integrates multiple micro primary energy sources (solar PV, piezoelectric, electromagnetic, thermal) with multiple energy storages based on a super capacitor, a micro secondary lithium battery. It is designed to make available the demanded energy every instant.

It is an ideal power source for any Machine to Machine wireless sensors, actuators, remote terminal units, information and communication devices, industrial instrumentation.

GenHARV can be customized and embedded into the host devices. Volumes and weight is similar to two 18650 lithium batteries; however lifetime and reliability is higher then primary batteries and it can be continuously be charged with energy available in the environment; GenHARV reduce the problem and cost to recycle batteries at the end of life.


Main Features:

  • Harvester Input: Solar PV, Piezoelectric, Thermal, Electro magnetic
  • Integrated Supercap Balancing
  • Li-Ion primary backup battery (optional)
  • Li-Ion battery charger¬†
  • Vout: 1.8 - 5V
  • Iout_max: 250 mA
  • SuperCap Storage: 0.1 - 10F @ 5.2 V
  • Integrated MPPT for solar input
  • Power Good Digital Pin Communication