Battery Energy Storage System

GENIOL is a patented (Patent IT:102016000002586, PCT:EP2017/050454 US:16063368-pending, China: 317962327-pending) modular lithium ion rechargeable Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) designed to be a longer-lasting replacement of lead acid batteries; it easy to use as an Acid Lead battery; GENIOL does not need an external charger as it is already incorporated in the battery module. GENIOL is compatible with any 48 V hybrid inverter. 

It can be used as backup power for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) as well as a configurable energy storage unit suitable for Renewable Systems (RES) for off grid and grid-tie residential, commercial, industrial sites. 

Its high energy density, long life, broad operating temperature range and multiple independent safety features improve performances and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for telecom, industrial and residential applications.

GENIOL is available in the following sizes: 3.100 kWh, 6.200 kWh, 9.300 kWh, 12.400 kWh  already integrated with an 48V inverter (COMBIGENIOL)  or stand alone. 

Main Features

  • Compact 19” rack mountable, 15U
  • Modular concept for increased scalability and redundancy
  • Superior Li-ion battery technology
  • Cell design with multiple, independent safety features
  • Operation in a wide range of environmental condition
  • Excellent calendar and cycle life
  • Active cell balancing
  • Round trip efficiency greater than 95%
  • Sophisticated Battery Management System implemented both at module and system levels
  • Predictive off grid energy management
  • Web monitoring and remote maintenance & control (GENEMU)
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Plug & play installation with any type of hybrid inverter
  • Easy to use as an Acid Lead batteries with charger embedded

Download here the tech sheet of Geniol