Off-Grid Residential & Leisure

Think about to be in absolute freedom, in a mountain place, a lake or a sea, fishing, camping, living completely a wild adventure need an absolutely silent a reliable power source; this experience can be compromised by an unreliable, short term and noisy diesel and conventional secondary battery power sources.

GENPORT 300 series can be a fully integrated environmental-compatible generator feeding your caravan, with a constant, silent, smell-free and reliable power. Using an eco-friendly and lightweight tank of fuel such as propane, you can power up, quietly and efficiently and for a long time.
GENPORT 300 series are designed as  versatile fuel cell systems, perfect for anyone adventuring off the grid. Camping, climbing, paragliding, trekking long distances and beyond, take a GENPORT 300 fuel cell system where you need it.

Off Grid Residential