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Arbin Instruments was established in 1991 as a manufacturer of multi-channel potentiostat/galvanostat for Battery and Electrochemical research. In 1997, Arbin Instruments expanded its product line to include Fuel Cell Testing Solutions. Arbin continues to lead the way in innovation and customer support in both the battery and fuel cell testing industries. Arbin Instruments is widely regarded as the best choice for advanced R&D work.

Today Arbin Instruments is a leading global supplier of testing instrumentation for the energy storage device and energy conversion device markets. Arbin's Headquarters and Production Facility is located in College Station, TX.


GENPORT represents Arbin in Italy, Portugal, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and United Emirates.

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Zahner  makes electrochemical workstations, ZENNIUM. These devices are developed using 30 years of experience in producing high-precision electrochemical workstations of the high-end class. They provide a frequency range up to 12 MHz and fast signal processing. Special measurement techniques guarantee an ultra high accuracy and a minimal interference with the test object.

ZENNIUM come bundled with the outstanding THALES-Z (Zennium release) software package which offers all standard methods and more at a mouse click. This is why the ZENNIUM can easily be adapted to very different measurement requirements.

Furthermore, with the manifold options available, the ZENNIUM is able to grow with its tasks. It is best suited for investigations on fuel cells, batteries and solar cells as well as on membranes and sensors or on coatings and laminates, to name only a few.




BT2000 Battery Testing System



SCTS - Supercapacitor Testing System



EVTS - Electric Vehicle Testing System



MSTAT - Electrochemical Testing System

FCTS H Series

FCTS H-Series

FCTS H-Series - PEM Fuel Cell Testing System

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MITS Pro - Testing Software Suite