G1000 HPS

G1000 HPS is a reliable off-grid auxiliary clean power system designed to extend runtime of primary renewable energy sources (RES) 24h /7 days.

Wind turbine and solar panels are cost effective way to generate energy in off-grid contest; however a drawback of RES is the variability; wind tends to run intermittently and solar power is only available during the daytime.

G1000 HPS integrates a lithium battery pack (GENIOL 6200) with a backup PEMFC. Hydrogen is produced on site with a PEM electrolyzer.

G1000 HPS can to be easely installed into a ventilated area of the telecom shelter and it is ready to power istantaneusly TLC equipments. An advanced Energy Management Unit (GENEMU) power continuously the load as being grid connected.

GENEMU checks dinamically the state of health the system, predicts and communicates remotly latent failures.

GENIOL 6200 is an istantaneous buffer of energy that dinamically smooths fluxtuation of energy between RES and the load.










The PEM fuel cell unit fulfills the needs of electric energy when RES and lithium batteries are out of works for long time.


  • Off-grid LTE, WiMAX, Wireless Machines
  • Auxiliary Power Unit for off-grid Renewable Energy Systems
  • Smart grid stabilization and increased power quality


  • Nominal Power 1.200 W
  • Nominal Voltage 48 Vdc
  • Hybrid auxiliary power source based on PEMFC and Lithium battery
  • Improve off-grid energy availability of intermittent renewable power systems
  • Compact 19” rack mountable, 42U
  • Superior Li-ion battery and PEM Fuel Cell
  • Predictive energy management
  • LCD panel for operator interface
  • Web monitoring and remote maintenance & control
  • Plug & play installation, extremely low maintenance
  • No noise and environmental impact
  • Suitable for operation in extreme environments