MITS Pro software was developed on the MITS (Multiple Integrated Testing System) concept with an emphasis on having a user-friendly interface. It is the most powerful and flexible software available in the electrochemical testing market today. MITS Pro is compatible with all of our testing systems including fuel cell, supercapacitor, battery, electrochemical cell and other energy storage device testing systems.


  • Independent testing on multiple channels
  • Logical menu-driven programming using boolean logic
  • "On-the-fly" modification of test parameters in real time without interrupting ongoing tests
  • Flexibility to assign and reference many different input and control types
  • Flexible user interface
  • Ability to control and monitor external devices from within the software
  • Software paralleling of channels allows increased current handling and automatically compiles data file
  • Complete data management utility

MITS Pro places all of the test parameters, including safety limits, test criteria, and logging instructions into a single file called a Schedule. The schedule can then be run on an individual channel or group of channels.

Scientific test data are saved in data files. With the Arbin Data Pro macro installed, any computer becomes a powerful data station, able to generate presentation-grade plots of fundamental and derived data. Data files generated in Microsoft Access tables are viewable using any spreadsheet software. There are no time consuming exporting or other steps involved to view the data.

schedule window