G300 Hybrid PEM Solar


Portable Solar-PEM Power Source (patent nr.IT0001394308; nr.US8896262) is a promising patented concept to temporary generate electric energy in any off grid remote contest, providing continuously peak and constant power without external fuel, thermal signature and noise.

G300 HPS is a sheltered transportable hybrid power source based on the combination of PEM fuel cell, PEM electrolyzer and solid hydrogen storage technologies. G300 HPS is designed to be integrated with any renewable primary source of energy such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines.   

The result is an innovative zero impact electric generator suitable for rapid deployment to fulfill the demand of small loads as tactical communication systems. G300 HPS can also be used as APU for yacht allowing ocean navigation as well as to  temporary power emergency electromedical devices, in an area devastated by natural disaster. 

There are many possible configuration of the energy flow among the primary PV/Wind energy generator, the PEMFC, the PEM electrolyzer and the electrical load. When the daylight is available, the retractable PV panel powers directly the load and exceeding energy charges the battery pack or is utilized to power the PEM electrolyzer to convert and storage additional energy in hydrogen; if the adsorption of energy exceeds the capacity of the expandable PV panel or in case of a power failure, the battery pack and the PEMFC can dynamically contribute to strike an energy balance with also the eventual contribution of an external hydrogen source (GenFuel).

G300 HPS is a multifunctional, configurable concept to produce electric energy, pure hydrogen, water, and ozone for water purification.

Main Features 

  • Configurable Hybrid Fuel Cell system based on Proton Exchange Membrane, Lithium Battery, MH hydrogen storage technologies.
  • Power management output as Battery Charger, UPS, APU.
  • Power output: 1400 Watt (It may be different depending by the primary source of energy).
  • Voltage: 24 Vdc / 110 – 230 Vac.
  • Remote web interface for diagnostic and SW updates.
  • Integration with GenFuel system (optional).
  • Extreme operating temperature range.
  • No thermal and acoustic signature.
  • Water purification.

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