GenIOL 1300

GenIOL 1300 is based on the most advanced lithium cells and a Smart Battery Management System (BMS) providing 1300 Wh. More specifically we selected the premium Boston Power lithium cells: safe, robust and long life cycle.

The BMS embedded inside GenIOL 1300 provides monitoring and control of electrical and thermal variables in order to guarantee the correct functionality of the battery pack during the entire life time, avoid any malfunctioning, increase safety, reliability, avoid the cost for an external battery charger. The electronic power control embeds a Battery Charger a MPPT for charging the battery pack also with a PV panel. 

GenIOL series of smart battery packs can be equipped with the optional web monitoring and remote maintenance service that Genport has recently developed. Through this optional service it's possible, with a simple connection to a web-site, to keep all the variables of the battery pack monitored (voltage, current, temperature, capacity, etc.), in addition to alarms and historical data.

The service makes also possible to Genport to offer remote maintenance services like changing some parameters or upgrading the firmware.

Main features

  • Cells type: Swing 5300 Boston Power, Lithium-Ion
  • Nominal output voltage: 10.95 V (from 9V to 12.6V)
  • Nominal capacity: 127.2 Ah @ 25 °C
  • Max Discharge current: 60 A
  • Max Discharge power: 656 W
  • Max Battery Charge Current: 32 A
  • Max Battery Charge power: 400 W
  • Charger embedded inside
  • Voltage Charge Input: 20 Vnom (18.5 V – 21.5 V)
  • Cell Cycle life: >= 80% of nominal capacity after 1000 cycles (100% DOD)
  • Discharge temperature: from -40°C to +70°C
  • Charge temperature: from -20°C to +60°C
  • Storage temperature: from -40°C to +60°C
  • Weight: ≈ 7.1 Kg
  • Battery Pack connector: not supplied