GenFuel is an innovative fuel concept (patent nr. 0000271919), available in safe, economical and zero impact cartridges. The cartridge must be inserted into a stand-alone case and while the fuel cell is running, it starts to produce hydrogen. A hot swapping system allows to continuously generate hydrogen.

Main Features of GenFuel:

  • Solid hydrogen in cartridges with 400 Wh capacity (2 hours runtime @ 200 W, about 80 minutes runtime @ 300 W), extending in hot swapping.
  • Safe and lightweight hydrogen storage and generation with a stand-alone mini-reactor, embedded into a water-proof, shock/vibrations resistant¬†case.
  • Zero environmental impact.
  • Hydrogen generation on demand.
  • High energy density (1000 Wh/kg).
  • Recyclable by-products.


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