FCTS H-Series

Arbin's FCTS "H Series" of systems is designed specifically for the testing of proton exchange membrane (PEM) or solid polymer fuel cells. The test system combines several proprietary technologies to provide a completely automatic and turn-key solution for fuel cell researchers. It addresses all aspects of handling and testing of PEM fuel cells with built-in modules that are housed in a compact footprint.


We offer standard systems in the range of 20W up to 10kW. Our H-Series systems come with many standard features including high accuracy mass flow control for anode and cathode gases, Arbin's patented DPH humidification technology, back pressure control, stack temperature control, exhaust gas handling with gas-water separation, and Arbin's industry leading electronic loads. In addition to these standard features, we offer many innovative options which allow us to custom configure any standard system to exactly meet your needs.


A typical standard H-Series FCTS is diagrammed below. Different configurations including multiple electronic load channels, multiple gas flows for fuel simulation, multiple humidifiers or other specific requests are available.

FCTS H Series