The energy demand for portable medical equipment has increased significantly, driven by the need for efficient decentralized care centers. For example, immediate medical assistance at disaster sites and car accident must be supported by reliable lightweight power sources. There are a wide range of devices such as defibrillators, X-ray diagnostic units, portable electrocardiograph and ultrasound, remote medical diagnostic devices, wheel-chairs, which have to operate close to patients’ point of treatment, even in extreme environmental conditions and for a long time.

GENPORT 300 HFC utilized as a battery charger or internal power source in medical devices, provides constant, reliable, long term power as a stand-alone generator, as well as integrated as an internal power unit.

GENIOL is the ideal battery technology to be hosted into the portable medical equipment. Based on a proprietary Battery Management System electronic, a wide range of selected lithium cells and connectors, our battery packs can reduce the the time and cost to market of custom high energy density lithium battery packs.