G300 Hybrid Fuel Cell


G300 HFC  is an innovative portable fuel cell system (patents nr. IT0000272516, nr.IT0001394308; nr.IT0001398058, nr.US8896262) designed to maximize power density, reduce to zero noise, thermal signature, pollution, vibration and provide a constant, reliable source of power.   

G300 HFC is based on PEMFC and Battery Technologies, designed as a versatile power source, for any lightweight, off-the-grid, high energy density application.

G300 HFC can operate as Battery Charger (BC), Auxiliary Power Units (APU). Different fuels system can be used with G300 HFC, such as compressed hydrogen, metal hydrides, chemical hydrides (GenFuel) supplied in cartridges; in alternative, in order to solve definitely logistic problems for the delivery of the fuel, G300 HFC can be integrated into an off-grid renewable energy system.

The   power  electronic of G300HFC has been designed to operate safely as well as to provide the highest efficiency. Several control features have been implemented to improve lifetime and reliability. The FC stack and batteries energy flow is continuously optimized; a safety procedure to connect/disconnect stack, battery is implemented; short circuit and overload current protection, stack regulated over voltage protection, battery under voltage protection, stack and battery soft start procedures are embedded.

G300 HFC is currently available in two versions: 24 Vdc / 230 Vac and 24 Vdc / 110 Vac.

As option, a thermal management for the solid hydrogen canister of GBoxH2-ST can be embedded.

Main Features  

  • Portable Fuel Cell Unit based on Proton Exchange Membrane technology and battery technology.
  • Power management output as battery charger, UPS, APU.
  • Power output: 300 Watts (Continuous Power); 400 Watt (Peak Power).
  • Voltage: 24 Vdc / 110 – 230 Vac.
  • Rugged water-proof case.
  • Internal lightweight cover in carbon fibers reinforced composite materials.
  • Shock and vibrations resistant.
  • Green Hydrogen Fuel: Metal hydrides, Solar Powered Hydrogen Electrolizer, Solid Hydrogen.
  • Remote web interface for diagnostic and SW updates.
  • No thermal and acoustic signature.
  • Predictive diagnostic of the internal subsystems.
  • CE compliant.

Technical Reference - G300 HFC