GboxH2 - ST

GboxH2 - ST  is a cost effective version of GboxH2 mounted in a compact rugged portable water proof case to transport, place and connect a solid hydrogen storage canister to G300 HFC (version embedding the thermal management).

This enclosure is an essential accessory to bring, storage, generate safely in any extreme contest, a large quantity of energy.

It embeds a an hydrogen capacity of 4,2 / 8,4 kWh and a quick-connect kit to couple easily the canister with G300 HFC.

Main Features of GboxH2 - ST

  • Solid H2
  • Rechargeable cartridge
  • High energy storage capacity (4200 Wh or 8400 Wh)
  • Portable rugged case
  • Safe storage and generation
  • Zero environmental impact
  • Continuous Hydrogen on demand
  • Long life and no effect to charge/discharge cycling
  • No capacity loss in extreme environment


GBoxH2rev.2.2 400dpi