GenScada is an advanced web scada application enabling a secure supervision and advanced control of your Genport’s Hybrid Power Source (G300/1000/5000HPS) and Battery Energy Storage System (GENIOL) installed in different remote locations.

GenScada embeds a sophisticated diagnostics and predictive control algorithm, dispatching efficiently the energy among storage, generation units and the loads.

An HMI apps downloaded into your smartphone enables to achieve a great and easy visibility of all the key process variables and performance.

A key issue of RES, such as wind and solar resources, is intermittency. RES are not dispatchable, they exhibit large fluctuations, and are uncertain. The intermittency of RES can be absorbed by the hybrid combination of different RES (PV and Wind) and distributed resources such as energy storage, programmable loads and smart appliances. The choice of different RES as well as storage devices (hydrogen, batteries) depends on the location, the hybrid energy system’s operational mode (stand-alone vs. grid-connected) and its size. In order to realize such a system‘s full benefit, resources have to be coordinated to efficiently and reliably provide services (e.g. power, hydrogen storage size) in the face of uncertainty that arises from renewables and consumers.

The challenge is to find the optimal commitment and dispatch of renewable energy so that certain objectives are achieved. A commonly pursued objective for a stand-alone mode of operation is to economically supply a local load.

Genport provides a solution to this problem, based on an optimization algorithm that can take energy inputs from hydrogen fuel cell, renewable energy sources, lithium-ion battery systems, electrical loads and dispatches efficiently electricity at the request of power.

A powerful and easy to use Human Machine Interface (HMI) manages the complexity of the dynamic optimization engine and lets you securely achieve greater visibility of G300/5000 HPS, GENIOL operations - all your graphics, performance, alarms and trends - from any location available in the palm of your hand.

GenScada saves travel cost by enabling the most suitable resource from any location to securely and instantly visualize, analyze and manage operations, diagnostics and maintenance-free, secure web-enabled HMI.


  • Grid Outage Backup
  • Off-grid Telecom, Agriculture, Residential Power
  • Auxiliary Power Unit for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Distributed Energy Storage


  • Synthetic Synoptic of each plant
  • Monitoring of key variables (Power, Voltage, Current, battery state of charge, …)
  • Predictive off grid energy management
  • State of health of each plant
  • Remote diagnostics of main system and subcomponents
  • Apps in Smartphone
  • Plug & play installation
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
  • IOS 5 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later, Firefox 22 or later, or Google Chrome 28 or later

Access to GenScada

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