Generation Hydrogen

GenFuel (patent nr. 0000271919) is a radical innovative fuel concept, available in safe, economical and zero impact cartridges, with a target capacity of 400 Wh (2 hours runtime @ 200 W). It is the result of close collaboration between GENPORT and ENEA Centro Ricerche Casaccia, who has developed the fuel chemical recipe.

GenH2 is a PEM electrolyzer, which generates 5.0 quality hydrogen (max flow rate = 1360 cc/min) and stores it in a safe way. The generator is inside a rugged water-proof case and weighs less than 11 kg.Generation of hydrogen with the transportable GENH2 at 16 bar allows a direct storage of energy in solid state using environmentally friendly and fully-recyclable metal hydrides. Additionally GEN H2 makes users independent from a fuel infrastructure as well as guaranty a long term energy storage for backup power unit.



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