Our Mission

GENPORT is an engineering company certified ISO 9001. 

Founded on 2009 GENPORT is headquartered in Italy at PoliHub in Lecco (Italy) and in US at Commerce (CA).

Based on this key expertise engineering advanced electrochemical systems, We offer a wide range of technical, scientific and management services to support companies that intends to elevate their product technologies and establish international operation in the field of lithium ion batteries and fuel cells. Our engineering services are offered in partnership with the most qualified specialized EU companies and research organizations.
− Engineering battery and fuel cells modules 
− Technical Training, recruitment of engineers, temporary management,
organization consultancy for battery and fuel cells operations.
− Testing, diagnostics, characterization of lithium-based battery cells and modules
(EU cycling, Electrochemical Impedance Characterizations).
− Set-up of laboratories for testing of lithium battery cells and modules.
− Design and prototyping of innovative Battery Management Systems based on
model-predicting controls.
− Advance design of battery management systems, based on EC models, optimization
− Optimal Engineering, prototyping and testing fuel cell systems, hybrid fuel cell systems.
− Design of real-time diagnostic tools based on machine learning and analytical
models of energy-systems renewable based.
− Design of SCADA system for supervision and controls of battery and fuel cell
− Search, qualification and management of EU local suppliers.
− Technical and scientific due diligence with the aim to identify, select local strategic
scientific and technology partners, organize research innovation projects in the area of fuel cells, lithium-ion material, cells, modules to post-lithium technologies and novel EV power electronics and controls.
− Assist utilities, Government Agencies to define the best policies, best practices fostering the diffusion of renewable technologies.
− Techno-economic analysis to identify the best mix of distributed energy sources, best locations, best operations with artificial intelligent tools.
− Best design and optimization of the operation of microgrids systems.

Our team dedicates all its efforts to the development of affordable, environmentally friendly, and secure power sources.

Our portable and stationary fuel cells are designed to generate electric energy anytime, anywhere

GENPORT combines Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cells and Lithium Ion Batteries with an Energy Optimization Engine to:

  • provide a constant, reliable source of power;
  • maximize power density;
  • reduce to zero both noise and emissions;
  • operate even in extreme environmental conditions;
  • equivalent Initial CAPEX to acid lead batteries and diesel generators;
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
Genport everywhere