Petrone Group joins in Genport

Genport is strengthened with the arrival of Petrone Group within the company.

The Petrone Group is a holding company of approximately 30 firms, with offices in Spain as well as Italy, operating in the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and health sectors. The Group was born from an entrepreneurial idea back in the early 1960s. Since then, apart from developing operations across Europe, the holding company is also successfully expanding into the Extra-European Union and overseas markets.

The Group's operations encompass pharmaceutical commerce and distribution, with a direct presence in Italian and Spanish markets, retail sales through pharmacies (Naples and Barcelona) and through the Group's herbalist shop (Naples), rehabilitation programmes in centres in the Campania region in Italy (accredited with SSN) and professional training. The Group also undertakes research and development within pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors through its subsidiary companies and partnerships.

Despite its continual development and its international holdings structure, the Petrone Group's objectives have never been to expand into and conquer markets; rather, its objective has always been to serve as a catalyst. It aims to identify and develop subsidiary companies to aid the creation of new energies; encourage "transformation" without becoming part itself. Consequently, the Group can focus on trade and distribution, consultancy and all services.