Weco distributes G300 in the Camper and Nautical Sectors

Genport will distribute G300 series in the Italian Leisure Market with Weco srl of Osnago (LC).

 Weco srl was founded in 2010 with the aim to manufacture and commercialize air conditioner systems for Camper and Nautical applications. "Our engineers design our products with a great attention to environmental impact and energy consumption, by placing WECO among companies at the forefront and reaching a great success among users of caravan".

Weco and Genport will share capabilities and experiences to retail G300 power generators utilizing the sales channels  of WECO in Italy and the innovative technology of Genport.

Together We will begin soon to launch demonstrations and We will introduce radically new solutions for energy production with zero impact surpassing the  limits of current technologies and fuels.

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