Next-Generation Energy Storage 2017

What’s next for energy storage?  G-HPS, a revolutionary Hybrid Fuel Cell System   will be introduced by Genport at Cambridge EnerTech’s 7th Annual Next-Generation Energy Storage 2017 in San Francisco - February 16 2017.

G-HPS series is a novel off-grid auxiliary clean power system designed to extend runtime of primary renewable energy sources (RES). G7000 HPS is a 7kW Fuel Cell system tightly integrated with a 7kW lithium battery storage system delivering additional power or extending runtime when the battery and the primary energy source is off. GenScada is a remote IoT-based SW that provides supervisory, diagnostic and predictive control to smoothly adapt the dispatching strategies.

 This eighteenth meeting continues Cambridge EnerTech’s event series on the advancement of fuel cell technology. This symposium targets end users, developers and manufacturers of stationary fuel cell systems across fuel types, system architectures, and power ranges.

This year's Fuel Cells for Stationary symposium focuses on fuel cell systems development for stationary applications and the technical advancements, strategies for commercialization and regulatory updates from the government, academic and industry stakeholders. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest developments from these key players within the industry on how they are achieving success.

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