Milan, July 23rd 2012 -- Genport srl, a developer of a portable hybrid power sources and BMS IMPIANTI srl, a developer of electrical, security and telecom systems announces the release of HydrovisionTM a revolutionary video-surveillance concept.

HYDROVISION allows Public Offices and the Private Companies to install video-surveillance systems both in public areas (i.e. roads, parking lots, important historical architectural sites) and private properties (companies’, farm lands) in a faster and more efficient way than the standard solutions available on the market.

HYDROVISION has been designed through the combination between two different technologies:

  • BMS ANPR software that, in combination with to the best video-cameras available on the market, enables the monitoring of areas of different sizes for various uses: i.e. access to a limited traffic area, parking lots, building entrances. Not only does BMS IMPIANTI software allow objects’ identification, but it also captures and recognizes images of the license plates from any countries, registering and keeping this information in a particular database that can be consulted under specifications and/or rules chosen by the Client, either private or public.
  • G300 HFC: an hybrid generator based on the PEM fuel-cell technology with high-density batteries. G300 HFC that lets the video-camera’s feeding without the necessity to be connected to the main electric power line. This electrical energy generation’s system is a no-impact system that maintains the video-surveillance systems energetically independent for long periods and manages the different electrical loads. The hydrogen tank substitution, which feeds the whole system, lets HYDROVISION to operate independently from the main electric power line, avoid the necessity to have electrical power line’s installations and enables the video-surveillance systems’ mobility.

    The HYDROVISION solution can be applied to a wide range of cases: territorial control for public safety: to monitor all incoming vehicles that enter a particular area (i.e identification of the license plates that access to a limited traffic area). Traffic flow studies to allow Public Authorities to take decisions (i.e. before building a roundabout or a traffic light , or before modifying an area road system it is possible to install one or more video-cameras to monitor a specific area). Access restriction enabler: in specific areas the system gives access only to those vehicles which are present in a pre-defined database. It is possible to enable the access to a parking lot, to a limited traffic area, to a private road only for those vehicles which have their license plates inserted in a pre-defined list.