Genport srl and Axu srl establish a commercial partnership

Genport srl  starts on January 16, 2014 a commercial partnership to introduce product and technologies into the industrial sectors of Axu srl.

Engaged since 2001 on the promotion of technologies, products and high-tech systems, Axu srl offers innovative technologies and solutions that help streamline processes and applications to its customers in virtually all types of industries.

Axu only offers non-conventional technologies and builds with its customers a stable cooperation to cope with the long lead times required to accept these technologies, while waiting for a price reduction can only be sustained productions, in order to generate economic performance long term.

The potential market for the products and technological systems offered by Axu, is very broad and covers all types of industries, including services, agriculture, transport, medical devices, the applications in the automotive industry, in the nautical and aviation.