The Energy Venture Forum was established as a Swiss Verein (non-profit association) in 2007 to promote activities and to use its assets exclusively to support clean technology projects and topics. In particular, the Energy Venture Forum will, both in Switzerland and world-wide, seek to support research and development and to carry out educational, dialogue and network development programs in these fields, and to create a platform for the promotion of and investment in clean energy projects and technologies. The Energy Venture Forum may carry out all activities supporting or related to its main purpose.

 The Energy Venture Forum does not pursue commercial or self-help activities and is not profit oriented.

The members of the Energy Venture Forum are Emerald Technology Ventures AG (Executive Committee Member representatives Gina Domanig and Charles Vaslet) and Susan Kish (Executive Committee Member). Gina Domanig has been elected as the President of the Energy Venture Forum. Genport has been one on the selected presenting companies.