EU Project PEMBeyond

Under the 7th Framework Programme for Research, technological Development and Demonstration of the European Commission, the project PEMBeyond has been granted. Genport is the industrial participant that will develop the 5kW PEMFC.

In this project, a cost-competitive, energy-efficient and durable integrated PEMFC based power system operating on crude bioethanol will be developed for back-up and off-grid power generation for application such as Telecom Tower.

Participants of the EU project consortium are: TEKNOLOGIAN TUTKIMUSKESKUS VTT (Finland), Powercell AB(Sweden),  Genport srl (Italy), INSTITUT FUER MIKROTECHNIK MAINZ GMBH (Germany), UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO (Portugal).

PEMBeyond will start on beginning 2014 and it will have a duration of in three years.

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