Compamed 2012

Genport exhibits at  the leading international marketplace for the medical supplier industry GENIOL and G300 series

COMPAMED offers the complete range of products, materials and services for use in the medical industry: High-tech solutions, components, pre-products, packaging, new materials, innovations and products in the complex areas of microsystem technology / nanotechnology as well as „Electronic Manufacturing Services“ (EMS).

 Information and contacts are exchanged, innovations and trends presented and future technologies shown. This is how especially technical buyers, R&D and production managers, engineers / technicians as well as design engineers, packaging specialists and managers get their important impulses for product development.

 Demonstrably the best specialist trade fair both qualitatively and quantitatively for Medical Engineering, the central meeting point of the entire industry, nationally and internationally around the subject OEM.

 Through the synergy with the world’s largest medical specialist trade fair MEDICA, COMPAMED is the ideal place for the perfect, simultaneous interaction between leading manufacturers and leading suppliers and system partners.

 No other medical suppliers’ trade fair generates more customer potential. Apart from almost 16,000 specialist visitors at COMPAMED and over 4,500 exhibitors at MEDICA are interested in your solutions, because they are looking for new sources of supply, components and system solutions for their business.

Together, COMPAMED and MEDICA present virtually the complete range of materials within the process chain for medical devices: Development / Engineering, Production planning, Manufacturing processes, Validation, Quality testing, Certification documentation, Packaging.

Latest developments and presentation of future and key technologies of the 21st century, such as microsystem engineering, nano-technology and new materials are a permanent feature of the specialist trade fair and the COMPAMED-Forum.